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What We Do

Ultra Coating develops high performance coatings and custom coating processes which provide optically clear surface property improvements to product designers and developers in many industries. Our many years of experience in coatings enable us to quickly find or develop a solution for the most demanding situations. We develop our own coatings to maximize key performance aspects. If we don’t have a coating that matches your needs, our in-house chemists can quickly alter formulations to produce the results our customers need and expect. Our coatings have proven to greatly increase scratch-resistance, improve surface finish, and reduce optical haze. These all help your company improve the perception of your product and increase your company’s brand equity and reputation.

  • Exceptional clarity for improved optical visibility
  • Superior adhesion to many materials, including polycarbonate and acrylic
  • Dip, Spin, or Spray application
  • Thermal and UV-cure
  • Durability & Flexibility
  • Scratch- and Abrasion-resistance
  • Tinted or un-tinted
  • Resistance to steel wool and chemicals