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Transparent Coating

  • Very low haze
  • Tested and approved levels of optical clarity
  • Thin film coating minimizes mechanical fit and interference issues
  • Specifically tuned refractive index (R.I.) to work well with the most popular transparent plastic materials
  • Prevents rainbow effects

Durability & Flexibility

  • Superior abrasion resistance protects the surface finish to provide optimal clarity over the life of the product
  • Resistant to chemicals and solvents to perform well with routine wash-down
  • Can be applied to items with low flexural strength
  • No adverse effect on mechanical properties of the base polymer

Cost Savings of Solvent-Free Coating

  • Reduction in waste disposal cost
  • Decrease in energy costs
  • Reduction in freight cost – 100% solid
  • Eliminate cost of maintaining proper coating to solvent level ratios
  • Reduce costs of spoiled coating
  • Extend life of the coated part